Wednesday, May 11, 2011

To The Drawing Board

My PNH instructor came out to meet Amara today for the first time. I recall that Pat says some horses have a decrease in their overall performance by as much as 20% when under pressure. I'm tempted to say that I think mine goes down by about 35% when in the presence of PNH instructors who know more than me. LOL.

After giving my instructor Amara's history and then a quick rundown on our games I realized I hadn't made nearly the progress with her that I was under the impression I had. It was quickly brought to my attention that my friendly game lacked the rhythm necessary to distinguish it from driving. Oops!

My instructor took Amara to demonstrate and much to my dismay my horse EXPLODED all over the place when some bounce and rhythm was added to the friendly game. Oy. This turned into a 10 minute "freakout" session as she called it with her backed up to a fence while Amara ran back and forth trying. My instructor stayed steady with her game and when Amara would stop and face her and keep her feet still she would quit playing immediately. This would last about 10-15 seconds and then it was back off to the races. After about 5 minutes she would pause longer and longer at the fence before turning and leaving again. After 7 minutes she was waiting at the fence for Linda to send her the other way.

When the game was over I had an in-depth conversation with my instructor. The bottom horse has A LOT of baggage. Insurmountable baggage? No...but baggage enough that a student of my skill level 2++ moving towards 3 may not have the skill to help her get past it. That was not what I was expecting to hear.'s time to hit the drawing board. I'm considering many options (extern program for her, weekly lessons etc) and hoping to select the one best suited to help my horse grow and learn quickly. thoughts?

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